Shelly Taylor's

Innovative Testing & Evaluation Services


I am PA certified and have evaluated/tested students in grades 1 through 12 since 1996. My husband and I enjoy encouraging and sharing with homeschooling families regardless of their homeschool philosophy, curriculum, or experience. We homeschooled our seven children, all who graduated as homeschooled students.


I offer a number of evaluation forms: checklist, general, checklist with credits, or detailed to fulfill the desires of the family and to meet the requirements of the homeschool law. Contact me directly to make an appointment and to obtain a copy of the evaluation worksheet which includes evaluation descriptions, portfolio guidelines, directions, fees, etc. Discounts are offered for early scheduled evaluations and to those who complete an optional pre-evaluation worksheet. I am also approved to evaluate for five homeschool diploma programs.


I administer the TerraNova Survey, Woodcock Johnson III, and Peabody Individual Achievement Test Revised. Parents can rent the optional TerraNova Plus. I test in my home and in several locations locally. Ask me about group testing in your area. Take advantage of our “Now I Understand…” approach to testing offered to all parents. On this web site, you will find group testing locations, descriptions, registration forms, and fees.